About Sam

Sam Green brings a variety of experience from outside the law to his mediation practice. As a barrister, he understand the legal issues involved, and adds a wider understanding that comes with running a business and a career as a broadcast journalist. 

Sam says: “The law uses very misleading language about legal disputes; they are framed in terms of winning and losing; winners and losers. Those who succeed in a judgment ‘triumph’, those who settle a case ‘back down’ or ‘cave in’.

Mediation can take away those misleading and emotive attitudes and helps steer parties to think in terms of resolution, of being able to devote time and resources to other things, to leaving the stress behind.

Anyone who has worked with legal disputes knows that even for ‘winners’ the sense of victory is fleeting; taking into account the time, energy, financial and other resources, and worry. No one who sees a court case to judgment can really feel like a ‘winner’.

Mediation can find outcomes that take all of this into account; that focus on what the parties can best achieve as an outcome of a dispute, of cutting out worry, stress, anger and unnecessary diversion of seemingly ever more time and money.”