Jeremy Dable 

Barrister | Mediator 
Year of call: 1987

About Jeremy 

Property & Commerce 

Jeremy provides advice, analysis, drafting and representation for both claimants and defendants in disputes involving –


Property, construction and commercial disputes involving:

• Conveyancing
• Commercial landlord and tenant matters
• Easements
• Boundaries
• Covenants
• TOLATA (Trusts of Land & Trustees Act)
• Contractual disputes


• Sale of goods
• Franchises
• Commercial agency
• Partnership and directors’ disputes with accompanying procedures for interim injunctions and winding up applications.

Jeremy’s message to Instructing Solicitors

“You have the experience to recognise the need to find a partner at the Bar to work with. I appreciate the need for a good working partnership with a Solicitor and I increasingly refer cases to Solicitors for exactly the same reasons. It’s still a good profession to be in, to make a living, to help people and to enjoy doing it.”

Jeremy’s message to Direct Access Clients

“I prefer to have a very short discussion by telephone with direct access clients so that we can get a feel for the problem and each others’ style before we progress further towards commitment either way. You can then decide whether I have been successful in my aim to be friendly but blunt. I can decide if I have a reasonable chance of being able to help.

My professional Code of Conduct and much experience has taught me that I cannot and should not try to help everyone on a direct access basis. Therefore please do not be offended if I sometimes take the view that you will be better served by engaging a Solicitor first before instructing me.

My strengths are in legal advice, analysis, forming a “battle plan” and in advocacy. In a typical case, you will approach me to work out where you stand and what your options are going forward. These may not always involve going straight to proceedings or not being on the receiving end of them. Often I can help you with correspondence which will result in some form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”). ADR may include Mediation, where I can represent your interests and endeavour to achieve the best outcome or at least one that you would be happy to live with in preference to the risks of litigation. I am also an experienced Commercial Mediator.

Should the matter need to go to litigation, I have both the qualification and experience to “conduct litigation” but it is almost always more cost effective and beneficial to engage a good Solicitor to deal with that aspect of cases. I can help you choose a solicitor. My only “referral commission” for helping you choose solicitors will be the hope but not expectation that they may go on to instruct me down the line and that we can make an effective team to help you with your case”.