FEES and Transparency (including public access work)

Normanton Chambers members and clerks are committed to the highest standards of client care, diversity, advising and advocacy: wholly motivated by the name we have adopted and all that the name Helena Normanton should represent.

Professional, licensed access and/or lay clients (as appropriate) may contact chambers to obtain a quotation for legal services from any member of chambers. 

For further information regarding the areas of legal services we offer, please click this link.

For further information regarding our barristers, please click this link.

Our hourly rates range from £100 p/h for some junior members to £400 p/h plus VAT where applicable.

We aim to:

  • Ensure the highest standards of client care for all lay and professional clients
  • Provide the right barrister for the work required
  • Provide written work within 14 days of receipt unless otherwise agreed*
  • Build long term relationships with our clients
  • Approach all instructions commercially and practically

All members of Chambers can accept instructions from legal professionals and in-house lawyers in England and Wales as well as from international legal firms. They undertake work in the areas of law set out in this link.

Members of our Public Access Group are accredited to receive instructions directly from members of the public. Please click this link for details: Bar Standards Board Public Access Guidance for Lay Clients

Members can also be instructed by clients using the Licensed Access Scheme. Please click this link for details: Bar Council Licensed Access Regulations

*It is of course possible to agree faster turnaround times, including same day or overnight. There may also be some occasions when circumstances dictate the timescale for turnaround including the volume and availability of documents required to review, illness or the barrister being committed to doing other work. Whilst our target will always be 14 days, we will notify you of any likely delays and provide reasons.


Our experienced practice management team are aware of the importance of flexibility in their approach to fees and that each case and client can have different requirements.

We are, of course, able to provide verbal and written fee quotes in advance of any work being undertaken. We believe that openness and transparency is of key importance, not only in fee discussions but in all aspects of our relationships with our clients.

If you have a budget in mind, please do let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements whether it be for a fixed fee, a CFA or to agree an hourly rate. Where fixed fees are agreed, no additional fees will be charged without agreement.

The level of fixed fees* will vary depending on your requirements. If, for example, you require a more experienced barrister or your case is complex, then the fee is likely to be higher. That said, we hope we make it clear that flexibility is of paramount importance to us and we will explore as many realistic options,  including different levels of seniority and experience,  as we can for all clients. We may also discuss additional costs for travel and/or hotel as required.

We base most multi-track advocacy fees on the basis of the agreed hourly rate of the barrister multiplied by time spent in preparation plus time spent at court or in conference. Brief fees will include all time spent in preparation for day 1, and refresher fees will include overnight preparation plus each subsequent day spent in court. We welcome discussion regarding uplifts for complex cases which may require specific expertise. All written fee quotes will set out in detail the breakdown of anticipated time spent.

Fast track trial fees will be as per CPR rates as follows:

  • Value of claim: £0-£3k   CPR rate: £500+VAT
  • Value of claim: £3k–£10k   CPR rate: £710+VAT
  • Value of claim: £10k-£15k   CPR rate: £1070+VAT
  • Value of claim: £15k+   CPR rate: £1705+VAT

All members offer their services under The Standard Contractual Terms for The Supply of Legal Services by Barristers to Authorised Persons 2012 (updated for the GDPR in 2018) as referred to in Rule rC30.9c of the BSB Handbook, unless by written agreement otherwise.

Please click link for full details: https://www.barcouncilethics.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/22.05.18-approved-contractual-terms-for-GDPR-pdf2.pdf

If you require any further information regarding any aspect of the above, including obtaining a fee quotation, please contact our practice managers either by phone on 0300 0300 218 or by email using clerks@normantonchambers.com 

This information was last reviewed in March 2023. Date of next review: March 2024.

 *fixed fees are subject to an additional 12.5% London weighting for those cases. For further information from the Civil Procedure Rules on Fixed Costs, please click this link.