Flexible Working Policy

Flexible Working & Learning Policy
Published 4th January 2022 (updated 28th December 2023)

Normanton Chambers values flexible work arrangements, allowing members to take career breaks, work part-time, or choose flexible hours to manage family or caring responsibilities or disabilities while sustaining their practice. We readily accommodate such requests, recognizing that members and pupils operate independently, making individual choices about their work hours and practices. Flexible arrangements are crucial, considering the practicality and sustainability concerns of full-time commitments versus part-time practices. Normanton Chambers acknowledges the pivotal role of flexibility in retaining barristers in practice.

The culture at Normanton Chambers, coupled with its virtual environment and tech utilization, inherently fosters flexibility in working hours, locations, and fees. Our Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy, strongly supports this flexible working environment.

In nurturing pupils, Normanton Chambers is committed to offering a flexible learning environment, ensuring their choice in how, when, and where they learn. Continual assessment drives the flexibility strategy for pupils and supervisors, involving regular open performance. Use of technology also enhances the learning experience, aligning it with flexibility.

Pupils actively engage in designing their training programs, balancing their choices with the development of required competencies for barristers. Court attendance, both online and offline remains an integral part of a pupil’s developmental journey.

Normanton Chambers also supports employees’ legal rights regarding flexible working arrangements, aiming to assist them in managing family responsibilities or disabilities.