Harassment Policy

Harassment Policy
Published 4th January 2022 (updated 28th December 2023)

This policy applies to all individuals engaged with Normanton Chambers, emphasizing our commitment to fostering a work environment where dignity and respect prevail for barristers, pupils, employees and the public. We aim to cultivate an environment where equality, dignity, and personal growth are paramount.

At Normanton Chambers, any form of harassment is strictly prohibited. This encompasses unwanted conduct related to sex, race, disability, gender reassignment, religion or belief, sexual orientation, or age. Such behaviour can manifest in various ways:

  • Unwanted conduct perceived as hostile or threatening
  • Creation of a hostile or threatening work environment
  • Establishment of an atmosphere where fear of repercussions for refusal or compliance impacts work-related decisions
  • Examples of behaviours constituting harassment include physical or sexual assault, coercive requests for career advancements, unwarranted physical contact, isolation tactics, bullying, suggestive gestures, offensive displays, tasteless jokes, verbal abuse, offensive remarks, and mishandling of harassment complaints.

Harassment contravenes the Equality Act 2010 and extends to unwanted sexual, gender-related, or sex-related behaviour.

Instances of harassment can be informally reported to Normanton Chambers’ Equality and Diversity Officer, one of the Joint Heads of Chambers or Chambers Director for an appropriate initial response. A formal complaint should follow the Normanton Chambers grievance procedure.

For employees, harassment constitutes misconduct, while for barristers, it breaches the Bar Code of Conduct. Allegations undergo investigation as per Normanton Chambers’ disciplinary procedure.

Normanton Chambers ensures protection for those raising harassment complaints in good faith, prohibiting any retribution against complainants, witnesses, or involved parties during investigations, which would be addressed as a disciplinary issue.