ruby sandhu


About Ruby 

Ruby is a retired non-practising senior lawyer (previously partner with a practice in Commercial and International law) who now runs her consultancy RS Collaboration Limited on Business and Human Rights. She is a mediator, trustee and trainer with the Society of Mediators (SoM).

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Business disputes
  • Business and Human Rights
  • Stakeholder Community Disputes
  • Commercial contracts 
  • Community conflicts

When you engage Ruby as a mediator you get sensitivity, unparalleled listening skills, emotional intelligence and innovative ways of engaging with the issue at hand beyond conventional mediation and she is not afraid to ask the tough and probing questions to reality test the conflict.

Ruby is adept as a Mediator and neutral outsider at facilitating and mediating through the key issues at the heart of the matter and addressing the breakdown in communication, critical to sifting through what is required to pave the way to a solution for both parties, – which in many instances would not have been conceivable at the start of the mediation.

Ruby’s work is with commercial, international law and human rights and business disputes. She travels extensively to meet where best suits the clients – she brings her sensitivity, business experience and as an entrepreneur, as well as in other diverse areas of law including skills garnered in her research into evolved ways of constructive engagement and dispute resolution. She is devoted to developing non-adversarial skills which requires the airing and resolving of antagonisms, conflicts and disputes in a space which keeps the focus on the individuals to initiate, design and craft a solution which in some cases would not have been possible with the usual litigious approach to an issue and importantly prior to the mediation.

Ruby is a tutor and assessor with the Society of Mediators (SoM), prior to which she was a tutor and assessor with the London School of Mediation. She has taken advanced courses in Mediation and conflict resolution which includes facilitation, change processes and decision-making skills and understands the importance of addressing challenges speedily before they escalate into expensive litigation. Ruby spends a considerable amount of her time pro bono, advancing and developing Mediation for those who cannot afford legal services.

Alongside this she now focuses on her consultancy where she is the Principal Consultant. Her practice includes work with Social Enterprises and Entrepreneurs and vision to market as well as a focus on Corporate Responsibility, Business Ethics and Sustainability.


LL.B (Law degree), LL.M (International Law) and MSc. (Sustainability & Responsible Business). 


  • non practising solicitor of the Senior Court of England and Wales (2002), prior senior solicitor and partner.  
  • Mediator, licensed and accredited with advanced skills, tutor and assessor and trustee 
  • Tutor and assessor of the London School of Mediation (LSoM) 2013-2015 
  • Tutor and Assessor and Trustee for the Society of Mediators 
  • Advanced Mediation Course OCN Level 3 (distinction / outstanding) 
  • Elected member of the Law Society’s Business and Human Rights Group (BHRAG) till present. 
  • Elected Vice Chair and Committee member of the Solicitors International Human Rights Group (SIHRG) 2010-2016 and elected committee member 2016-2020. 
  • Continued professional development as a Trained facilitator and for personal and organisational change management. 
  • Committee member of the Animal Farm Sanctuary (prior committee member of UNICEF) 

Skills: Facilitative Mediation building on Legal skills (international, company, commercial, human rights, corporate, commercial, CSR, Sustainability and Business and Human Rights), facilitator and coaching skills. A negotiator and communicator adept at providing a bridge between disparate narratives.

Countries assigned to for legal work /research: Russia, Venezuela, Nigeria, Singapore, USA, Canada, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria, Brussels, France, Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, India, Thailand, Eritrea, Nigeria, Pakistan, China, Japan, Thailand, Dubai, Portugal, Italy, Cameroon, Eritrea.

Personal: Ruby enjoys trail running, being with her evolved springer spaniel “Bono”, cycling and yoga.