“I have personal experience of mediation and know how successful it can be when two parties are heading towards high legal costs and wasted time. I would recommend mediation. As far as Brendan is concerned he is an expert in this field and has the integrity and skills to build confidence and bring both sides together.” 

Nigel Reeve - Director at Marketing West SW

About Brendan 

My career started on the shop floor and at thirty-three years of age I reached the boardroom. During that time I’d worked with a wide variety of people from whom I learned so much about human nature, people-management and negotiation. Then a mere two years later I chose self-employment allowing me independence, freedom and greater reward.

I formed a partnership, helped small companies, start-ups and worked with commercial enterprises and joint ventures. I became very involved with people in special needs care, social housing and supported living accommodation, then design & build, project management and consultancy. I helped several charities & institutions, again with people that allowed me to see things from a different angle. Like every business and individual I sometimes got things wrong but learned from each experience.

As a family man, I get great pleasure in debating with my grown-up children the options this world offers and the direction that’s best suited and enriching for them. My interests and recreational activities keep me fit in mind and body, in fact, hungry for more interaction so ten years ago I took those life experiences into mediation – to help businesses and people caught up in disputes.

The professional mediation training I undertook, and my involvement with the Society of Mediators supports me at the forefront of this field dealing with challenging and complex disputes. I transport these skills to others particularly a community mediation group of which I’m a trustee.

I not only bring experience, interpersonal skills and integrity to all mediations but my absolute belief in the process of bringing people together to facilitate solutions that work. Mediation saves people so much – their time, the costs of legal actions and perhaps most importantly reduces the unquantifiable personal stress that is so damaging to health and happiness.

Let’s remember the future is more important than the past – it’s all about people.