Dr tracy towner  


Chartered psychologist 

 business consultant

 construction company director

About Tracy 

Dr Tracy Towner is a successful and internationally experienced negotiator and financier enjoying a second consultancy career in business psychology and mediation. She is also director of a substantial construction contractor working on major NHS and government projects.

Tracy was an experienced financier working with, and in, Tier 1 multinational financial organisations nationally and cross-border. She advised on investment strategy within the global emerging markets including engaging with the governments of various Asian states. Tracy also gained significant experience working in Asia, Africa and Europe and learned by study and hands-on time to understand the importance of cultural and language differences, particularly in the negotiation and dispute resolution fields.

Tracy has brought her previous excellence in the intellectual demands of both fields to her current chosen disciplines of work.

In her mediation work, Tracy is a Chartered Psychologist as well as a commercial and family mediator. She seeks to use her wide-ranging skill set to adopt an evidence-based practice and uses her knowledge and understanding of the impact of language and communication on decision making to seek compromise and settlement.

Tracy combines strategic insight with creativity. She works in close partnership with individuals, corporates and public sector organisations to provide practical ways of implementing behavioural change. Tracy is passionate about how awareness and effective communication can enhance an adjudication outlook and decision-making.

A specialist in emotionally charged and seemingly intractable disputes, Tracy is also an educator with the Society of Mediators, the mediation charity, working from London and across the United Kingdom – as well as from her family bases in the United States and Hawaii.

Sometimes referred to as polymath, fifteen years-ago Tracy became a well- known TV personality in a Channel Four series bringing a range of interventions to difficult situations. Tracy backed this with a high-level sporting career in rowing achieving a goal of representational honours – although she now prefers golf or a hand of bridge.

Tracy is available in person and on Zoom Pro (etc) for remote work.